Friday, January 14, 2005

In search of an RSS reader

Went in search of an RSS reader - something stand-alone rather than integrated with my yahoo. was suggested, but I couldn't get this one working; I configured the network interface to re-use the proxy settings from internet explorer, and tried to set them up directly but it wouldn't work, whenever I tried to connect a feed it failed. Then Corrado A. suggested and this seems to work ok; didn't even have to configure anything to start. I'm just playing around with it now to better understand its features.
BUT ALAS... I've just discovered that Awasu only supports RSS feeds, and doesn't support ATOM so I cannot track my blog from blogger!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Second Visit - want to set up an RSS feed

OK I'm back after a number of months, and I'm looking to be able to set this blog up as an RSS feed. I thought I would log my experiences trying to do this as I went along.
Not such a bad experience. I thought I would have a problem because the blogger site uses the ATOM protocol rather than RSS so when I went to my Yahoo page I wasn't sure that it would work as Yahoo explicitly asked for an RSS feed; but for once all was well, and here is the blog entry available through Yahoo!! I can even use the fast edit interface directly from Yahoo to explain what has happened.