Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting Something New

After 21 years with STMicroelectronics and previously INMOS we parted company by mutual consent on 31st July - with two weeks official holiday left to enjoy! I had certainly lost the plot and did not have the ear of the new management team. I hope they can turn things round. There is so much under-used talent at the company, and I think it fair to say that I was not alone in my disenchantment.

So what next? Fortunately I had frequently read Andrew Taylor's column in the Sunday Times detailing his experiences and reflections on life after redundancy for a 53 year old. He managed to reinvent himself as an author and journalist using his quest for a future as the springboard. Whilst finding a job in your fifties may be daunting - and unfortunately, in my case, necessary - it is also a good opportunity to revitalise your life. I had often thought of jacking in my job but never really took it seriously because I had too many financial commitments. Finally the time was right and I took the leap.

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