Monday, October 31, 2016


I have just started a new company Ednalaytics Ltd. The first product will be a web-based tool to support students studying for their GCSEs in the UK. The idea is to use primarily their mock exam results along with some other information to identify the "low-hanging fruit"; that is which topics they should revise in each subject to most easily improve their grades and give them links to appropriate revision resources. The system will also highlight to students which subjects are marginal and which are below their government targets.
There are existing data analysis products out there which can idenfify which students are at risk in which subjects but these do not provide information to the school, teacher, student, parent, private tutor what topics the students should work on. And then there are companies which provide revision guides and videos for the whole course and leave the students wondering where to start. The idea at Ednanalytics is to help route the students and those supporting the students to the right resources and provide advice on where to start.
There's nothing on the web site at the moment, but my target it to have a preliminary system by the end of the year: 

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